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Protect the Life of Your Water Heater

Ponder for a moment a thing we take for granted called having a warm shower. Modern day means we have unlimited access to warm showers right. End of Story.

Not exactly.

Has anyone ever suggested you get friendly with your water heater? If you like modern day hot showers, consider this for a moment:

  • Where is your water heater located?

  • How old is your water heater?

  • Have you flushed your tank in the last 2 years?

  • How many years of warranty do you have on your tank?

The water heater is one system in your home you do not want to ignore. Many people wait until they notice leaking coming from the bottom of the tank. That is not the best time to first get to know your water heater. There is no known benefit to dealing with your water heater once it starts leaking. It puts the homeowner in a mode of desperation and often emergency.

As often as a tradesperson wants to make a customer happy, there are more preventative and proactive ways to deal with the plumbing systems in the home than in an emergency state.

Give yourself more freedom and space of mind and take a closer look at your water heater today.

Typically, you should have a 6-year warranty on your unit. If something needs to be replaced or taken care of during this warranty period, your manufacturer will help you get the part you need. You will most likely need to pay the labor charge to the plumber, but you will be getting top marks for taking a proactive step.

One last mention with the call to avoid emergencies on the water heater. Nowadays, there can be a waiting period or backlog on receiving water heaters, or calling in for replacement parts. If you’ve been without hot water for 3 weeks even before calling a plumber, you may be waiting another 1-2 weeks for the proper part.

I cannot stress it enough times to homeowners, get familiar with your water heater and the life of it. If it has rust spots on it, or any other distinctions that seem incorrect or out of date, ask your plumber about it. Taking a few proactive steps can avoid headaches at inconvenient times.

Here to help,

Craig, Red & Blue Services

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