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Before You Renovate Your Bathroom, Read This!

There comes that wonderful time in life when your budget and attention finally allow for you to update your dingy outdated bathroom.

There are so many reasons for updating a bathroom. Tile cracks and squishy floors to mold to that 70’s avocado green.

Reach out to your local plumbing expert to ask key questions about a bathroom renovation, such as:

  • Do I need to re-plumb the area for my new shower head?

  • What considerations do I need before I shop for a shower head and tub faucet?

  • The pedestal sink - facts and fiction! They may be more trouble than they’re worth, ask a plumber!

  • What other plumbing fixtures will bring good value to your bathroom?

  • Toilets - is there a difference? Pricing can be so wide and varied, are the more expensive toilets also more efficient? Get some feedback before you shop.

When it comes time to get around to your remodel, count on Red & Blue Services for rough-in, advice and final connections. If you need some advice about plumbing on a renovation, give us a call.

Good luck picking out tiles and thank goodness when that exciting day comes!


Red & Blue Services

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