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Aussie Transplant Becomes Essential Worker

I just got these glasses, what do you think, can I pass for Clark Kent? I may need to get a man bag soon for everything I carry, wallet, keys, phone and now my glasses?

I’ve been doing plumbing for 25 years and every week there’s something new to figure out, sort out another puzzle, in order to keep customers happy.

I grew up on the beaches of Newcastle, Australia, and this shoveling snow stuff is well, how do I put this nicely without offending anyone. LOL If you asked me 25 years ago if I was interested in being an essential worker in a pandemic in Virginia in 2022, I wouldn’t know what you were talking about. I am grateful to be here now, doing my part.

When the crazy started, essential workers’ phones began ringing even more than they already do. We try our very best to get back to everyone in order to keep their hot water turned on and their pipes from bursting.

This year we are looking to partner with property management companies who may need service work for multi-unit clients. Our wheelhouse of work is water heaters, blocked drains, toilets, faucets.

So, what are we trying to gain or do in 2022? Let’s try to make it through another imperfect year, love our families, get up and put one foot in front of another. Oh, here’s a new year request to send out there into cyberworld. If you see me in traffic, honk your horn, wave, and slow down to let me over. I know I’m asking for a lot here Northern Virginia drivers and all, but New Year is about resolutions and it’s worth a shot.

Stay warm and stay safe.

Craig, Red & Blue Services

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